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Printed in wood PLA

Just for fun…. but maybe as well for marketing. Just run your imagination….

Enjoy my 1 hour work to make this real (not counting printing time).

This is model of the wreck printed on Geeetech Prusa i3 X in PETG plastic. First time trial…
Data are from Ocean Mapping Group UNB – Canada. We use those data for training – so the BASE Surface – bathymetric surface – was created using as well extra information from Water Columns.

Some information:
– Echosounder: Kongsberg Simrad EM3002
– Processing: CARIS HIPS 9.0 – with WCI – took around 15 minutes to fully process.
– CARIS BASE Editor 4.0 to create TIN from BASE and then create CSAR surface closing all gaps – can be done as well in HIPS using interpolation – as there are some shadows in the data you need to interpolate this a few times – in BASE Editor it is just one step work -TIN – Surface – done
– Exported from HIPS as .stl file
– STL file processed and prepared for printing in Windows 10 3D Builder – simplified and smoothed, then extruded down – 30 minutes in total
– Direct preparation for printing: Simplify3D – 10 minutes with adding logo.
– Printed in OctaPrint open source
– Printer – Geeetech Prusa i3 X
– Material – PETG from REAL – Dutch company – print nozzle 0.3mm, layer 0.18mm, heated bed 70C, first layer 245C – 50% speed, next layers 230C – 60mm speed – I think temperature 240C would work better

This was my first print in PETG – and so far I would say – it is great.
And – with HIPS you can print any bathymetry – with multiple colours if you use multicoloured filament.
It is great for sales and as well for educational purposes.

If you want download this model to test your printer – just click Download