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VPN to home or vessel

That topic come once to me – when somebody was trying to access remotely the vessels computer to control the processing of hydrographic data.

The vessel itself had 4G modem installed. Unfortunately the modem had no option to redirect the port to control interface.

Actually – I would say – redirecting directly the port to your control interface is not the best solution. I would strongly recommend NOT TO USE that method. Unless you are fine that somebody would access your control interface and would destroy what you have.

So there was a problem – what to do in easy way to make this computer and whole network accessible from remote location. You know – there is no need to be on the vessel any moreĀ  to make a survey. If you are in the range of 4G or 3G network (up to 20km max from GSM station) – why to go to the vessel to control the survey. If you use broadband satellite connection – the same. Why to go there?

You probably noticed already that a lot of big survey companies are now focusing more on remote processing and surveying. So one hydrographer or surveyor can control two or more vessels in one time. This is not magic. And it is not really complicated. If you know how to do that…. So here you have a step by step guide how to make your vessel remotely accessible – and more – in a very very safe way!!!

And the most important – FOR FREE using open source solution!

You can use that as well to access your home network from any place…. Let’s look at the next pages how to set up the server on Windows (as mentioned it could be as well set up on Linux).