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Playing a little with latest Lazarus IDE (version 2.0) I did create a small application for remote access to Apache Guacamole servers.
My point was to make an easy small app, which is using Chromium with Lazarus Chromium component – to access remote servers which are using Guacamole.
It was a little refresh for me in Lazarus and FPC – I have created in the past some more complicated apps in Delphi and Pascal language – but it was a long time ago – something like 15 years ago… Even creating a small app is for me now a small challenge, especially, that those days I use mostly Python for scripting. Python is fun, has a lot of possibilities but to be honest I really like RAD programming – using RAD IDE’s like Delphi or Lazarus.
So it was a small check how long it would take me to create a basic app for remote access which I can use later in my daily work. And it was done…

How it was built.

  1. In Lazarus IDE 2.0
  2. Using Chromium as the main engine for Web access.
  3. As default – it is always using SSL for connection.
  4. Optionally – you can define username and password for Basic HTTP Authentication.
  5. Configuration is always stored within user AppData folder – in encrypted .ini file (keep in mind that this is basic encryption – but I assume that your computer is rather a safe place.
  6. There is a button to access the Guacamole menu when you have established a connection to the remote server – I do not like too much pressing a few keys to get access to this menu… so press the button… it is quicker.
  7. I have added a quick capture button – to make a quick .bmp dump from the screen.
  8. It is supporting drag and drop and download functionality for Guacamole – so you can easily transfer files from and to the remote share.
  9. It is an independent browser – so it is not sharing resources with your browser.
  10. It should clear cache after you close the app… actually, there is probably no cache used as I had some issues to force Chromium browser to store context cache in AppData folder… no clue why… but to be honest – we do not need any cache for remote access – for security reasons.
  11. The application is built under GNU GPL license – if you want source – please let me know. I’m sure much more could be done… in a better way. My development was just a short and fast and dirty game to create something in a quick way to do what I need…

If you like my work – let me know in comments.

Download Link: Guacamole Remote Access

  • CRC64: 079FF7F5E6A448F5
  • SHA1: 96644FD9A420EB19F6CB68AE04FC70503955C10E
  • SHA256: 6C44D493CC8FE01E54260B6965B42357440F3F360EEAB717F51D2CBBF0F91003