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Home network

Apache Guacamole Remote Access App

Small application written in Lazarus – allowing users to access remote Apache Guacamole servers. With some extra features to make whole app easy to use.

Is your Home Network safe? In most cases I think it is not. How you can increase your safety not spending fortune. Find below….

Last time there was a lot about DoS attacks which affected whole Internet network. And actually, this was not a usual attack. This attack was done using …..web cameras. Just normal web cameras which were used as attacking zombies or… Continue Reading →

Add extra security to your home network – just 10 Euros cost… plus donation

Is your network secure? Probably all of you – let’s say everyone – is using Internet at home. So we have at home network. Network which is connected to Internet. If your network has access to Internet – then potentially… Continue Reading →

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