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3D Printing

3d-eVo printer – going one… or maybe two levels up

Sticky Post

If you want to know more about my latest project – to build 3D-eVo printer – with a closed case, fire/overheat detection system, using Klipper/OctoPrint firmware and old electronics from my old Prusa Geeetech i3 X printer – stay tuned…. Continue Reading →

Building 3D printer – what should you look for… and how much you have to prepare…

A short story about building my Hypercube Evolution 3D printer with some advice from me and how to avoid mistakes which I did. And what budget to prepare. I think it is worth to read before starting own project.

Lawnmower – mini – 3D printed project

3D printed model of Lawnmover – created just for fun for my son.

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