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IV. Create User

  1. Now we are going to create a user. For user authentication we would use certificates – that method is very safe – and easy to use. So please select to create a user.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_9
  2. Fill the name of the user (take note of that) and select that we will use Individual Certificate Authentication. You do not need password for that user – but we would need to create certificate and copy that one to the client computer.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_10
  3. Create a certificate – that would be our “password” for the VPN. It would have very high grade of security!
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_11
    After you press OK – it would ask to save the key – this is the key which you have to give when you set up the client.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_12
    After you save – you should notice that certificate is there and we can see the certificate specs.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_13
  4. That is that…. we have a user created.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_14