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V. Setup DHCP Server and Secure NAT

  1. We can close the user creation dialogue and we can now finish server setup.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_15
    Click two times on the HUB to go to management options.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_16
    We are going to create a NAT server with DHCP – so when you connect to the server you would get IP address and through NAT you would have access to internal network. Keep in mind that basic settings would redirect whole Internet traffic through your mobile gateway. If you want to change this –  you can modify routing settings. But for standard usage what we would set here should work as expected.
  2. Setting up NAT and DHCP
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_17
    Just be sure all settings are there and activate DHCP server and Virtual NAT  – you can eventually change MTU to smaller value – 1500 bytes would work fine in most cases – but for 4G/3G networks I would think to limit that value a little. We should have the SecureNAT active.
  3. We can exit – the server is ready!!! That was the very difficult part.
    2016-05-12 13_46_50-Setup_Ser_20