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New way of surveying….

I have just posted a few days ago a short video about new way of surveying. Not really a very new – but I do not think a lot of hydrographers or surveyors had a chance to survey in such… Continue reading →

Add extra security to your home network – just 10 Euros cost… plus donation

Is your network secure? Probably all of you – let’s say everyone – is using Internet at home. So we have at home network. Network which is connected to Internet. If your network has access to Internet – then potentially… Continue reading →

CARIS Onboard – natural evolution without mutations… for everyone! As well for small survey companies – benefit now!

Probably you have noticed last time some rumours that CARIS introduced a new software – CARIS Onboard. This software seams to be next step in survey evolution – I would say it is. That why I have used popular on… Continue reading →

VPN for home and vessel – with dynamic IP – easy like 1-2-3

That topic come once to me – when somebody was trying to access remotely the vessels computer to control the processing of hydrographic data. The vessel itself had 4G modem installed. Unfortunately the modem had no option to redirect the… Continue reading →

Hydrography and hydrographers

Do you really know what is “hydrography”? I would try to explain that showing you as well what Hydrographers are doing. This would be very short – but in the bottom you should find links to some places where you… Continue reading →

Printing your bathymetry in 3D – easy like 1-2-3 in CARIS HIPS

Just for fun…. but maybe as well for marketing. Just run your imagination…. Enjoy my 1 hour work to make this real (not counting printing time). This is model of the wreck printed on Geeetech Prusa i3 X in PETG… Continue reading →

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